Goal of the training

The program is designed to equip caregivers of a frail elderly person with the tools they need to manage everyday stresses related to this role.

What is program?

is an educational and support program on managing stress that is taken over a 7-week period, with weekly sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Groups of approximately 10 caregivers receive support and guidance from a health professional (a tutor) as they complete the various steps of the training. The program helps caregivers find new and more effective ways of coping with the challenges and stress that they may encounter in their day-to-day lives as they care for a frail elderly person. In addition, throughout their training, the caregivers have opportunities to chat with their peers (other caregivers) on a dedicated discussion forum.

This program is provided free of charge and can be accessed around the clock by registered caregivers. Caregivers can complete the various stages of the program at their convenience during each week of the training. Each caregiver can count on receiving support from a health professional, who will guide them through the different stages of the training and get back to them on the training platform or by email.